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North Perth Beauty Therapist offers a wide range of services to fulfill your needs in enhancing your beauty. General services include:

Massage and Aromatherapy

Let your stress and tension be relieved with our massage and aromatherapy. Our professionals are well trained and thus, we guarantee satisfaction at the end of each session.

A massage does not only promote relaxation. It also has the capability to alleviate insomnia, depression and anxiety. Experts also believe that this beauty treatment can strengthen one’s immune system.

Our massage and aromatherapy services guarantee full body and mind rejuvenation without causing negative side effects to your entire body.



One facial session can bring tremendous effects. Get a facial treatment from North Perth Beauty Therapist and feel your face getting restored. Clean your pores and let your face be rehydrated.

Before you undergo our unique facial treatments, we let our professionals assess your skin. We make sure that your skin type is compatible with the products that we will be applying to your face. Rest assured that no chemicals are applied and your face will be fully rejuvenated in just a short period.


Hair Treatments

Do you have those irksome hair strands that you want to get rid of? Tired and stressed out from using inconvenient wax strips at home? Worry no more!

North Perth Beauty Therapist offers the best threading, laser treatment and wax stripping services. Our hair treatments are totally painless and very comfortable to undergo. If you are looking for an immediate treatment that produces long-term results, then our hair treatment services are for you.


Manicure and Pedicure

Who could ever forget the services that could beautify your hands and feet? Here at North Perth Beauty Therapist, we offer the best manicure and pedicure services, which will not only enhance your toenails and fingernails, but also beautify you all throughout.

We guarantee the most updated tools to remove dead skin cells on your feet. Let all your nails be groomed, polished and improved to make that impression last!

Thus, North Perth Beauty Therapist offers nothing but the best services to clients who want to maintain or improve their appealing appearance. Visit us and let us know the best treatment for you.