North Perth Beauty Therapist – The Places Beauty Therapists Ply Their Trade

Posted on September 2, 2015 · Posted in Beauty Therapist

If you’re wondering what jobs are in-demand these days, you just need to take a peek at the nearest beauty salon in your town or city. Perhaps you’ll see the droves of customers waiting, or sitting, in line, for their turn to consult with the beauty therapist!

Perth beauty therapy experts, not just those at North Perth Beauty Therapist,  provide a wide array of face and body treatments. These include massage, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and reflexology. If you’re wondering where these people work, here’s a brief overview of the different places where beauty therapists practice their profession.

Beauty Salons

North Perth Beauty Therapist

Beauty salons are perhaps the first employment options for budding and veteran Perth beauty therapists. And make great first jobs for those who just finished school. They get the opportunity to build their local client base, as well as further sharpen their knowledge in beauty salon products and treatments.

The work hours in a conventional beauty salon are pretty much regular, which is usually spread over 5 to 7 days, with one or two late nights serving loads of customers. The pay is usually the basic salary, and commissions for treatments and product sales.

Beauty salons make great first jobs for those who just finished beauty school.

Day Spas

North Perth Beauty Therapist

Day spas are great venues for expert therapists, usually offering more specialised body treatments not found in traditional beauty salons. Here, the specialised services include professional massages, facials, body treatments like sea salt scrubs and mud wraps.

Day spas are also different from “destination” spas because you don’t spend the night there; meanwhile,  while destination spas function like resorts or hotels.

Most day spas also combine a hair salon and spa. Working hours are similar to standard beauty salons, although the pay and/or commissions could be a little higher.

North Perth Beauty Therapist


Depending on the degree of luxury, hotels are also great places for finding Perth beauty therapy jobs. The beauty services are comparable to destination and day spas, while others offer round-the-clock treatments.

Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are also venues where North Perth beauty therapy professionals work, and are in high demand. However, work in a cruise ship can be quite long, with others reportedly working up to 12 hours a day, with little breaks. However, therapists get 1 to 3 days off a week, whenever the ship is in port.

Multi-Disciplinary Practice

Health and sports centres, and even hospitals and clinics, also make wonderful  venues for finding beauty therapist jobs perth Wa.

Some therapists work alongside physiotherapists and osteopaths. Others work alongside nurses and doctors in cosmetic clinics for re-constructive work, as well as breast surgery and burn treatment.

Then there’s teaching in a school, although a beauty therapist will need a minimum number of years’ experience, depending on where they live. They also would need a bit little bit of teacher-training. That’s not counting the different qualifications they need to pass to gain certain credentials.

In helping others become a North Perth beauty therapist, they’re required to teach the practical and theoretical aspects of beauty therapy. Besides regular classes, they may need to teach extra classes in the evenings or weekends.